Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Valuation Group Golf League. This amateur league is designed to bring commercial real estate professionals together to create, build and maintain good working relationships while having fun. Eligible professionals include brokers, agents, lenders/bankers, investors, developers, builders, consultants, attorneys, engineers or any other professional involved with commercial real estate.

Thanks for another great season!  See you next spring!

April 4, 2023 - Week 1 of the 2023 season



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2023 League Champion Cathy Cella!


Weekly Results 2022

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If you are interested in joining this league for 2022, please contact Brian Conner for details at

717-699-4434, x1102, or bconner@mvginc.com


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Cathy Cella

-2022 League Champion-


Cathy Grove

-2021 League Champion-


Justin Mottilla

 -2019 League Champion -

Brian Conner

 -2018 League Champion -


Lance Ferree

 -2017 League Champion -


Randy Shick

 -2016 League Champion -



Mitch McLaughlin

 -2015 League Champion -


Troy Kreider

 -2014 League Champion -

Teen Vebares

 -2013 League Champion -


Don McVay

 -2012 League Champion -


John Kashner

-2011 League Champion-


Joe Musso & Chris Helt

-2010 League Co-Champion-


Chris Helt

-2009 League Champion-


Mike Carew

-2008 League Champion-


Gregg Doshna

-2007 League Champion-


Corey Kashner

-2006 League Champion-


Roger Calabretta

-2005 League Champion-


John Kashner

-2004 League Champion-


(Photo not available)

Michael Rhodes

-2003 Champion-